“Aptitude without Attitude is Blind, Attitude without Aptitude is Lame”

Test it here and win exciting rewards and prizes at our APTI LUCK CONTEST - 2017

APTI-LUCK Contest starts on 22 Jun 2017


Aptitude and Luck go hand in hand whether it is an admission into your favourite college or a job with your dream company. We don't know if we will be successful, but we should be willing to try something new.

Last time, we had a super-duper Olympics Contest for which we received great feedback. This time around we thought of offering a unique Contest. It is called APTI+LUCK and as the name suggests, it is a Contest that will test your Aptitude (in numerical, verbal and reasoning skills) and reward those Smart ones who are 'Lucky' too.

Process to participate in Contest

  • Download the Empass app for free and register for the APTI-LUCK Contest (Starting on 22 June 2017).
  • You need Coins to play. We'll give you 300 coins (equal to 3 entry tickets) for free. Additional Coins can be earned by Achievements and Inviting your friends to the contest.
  • Your net coin balance on 31st July 2017 will be converted into # of entries (100 coins = 1 Lucky draw ticket) and a final winner will be selected.

So play more, win more and invite as many friends as you want.

More coins = More Entries = More chances to win

Prizes on your way :

  1. Winner : Amazon voucher worth INR 3000
  2. First runner up : Amazon voucher worth INR 2000
  3. Second runner up : Amazon voucher worth INR 1000

Winners names will be published on the Empass website and our Facebook page.

Contest begins on 22nd JUNE 2017… What are you waiting for? Start collecting coins

Terms & Conditions for the contest :

  1. The final winner's names will be published and shared after verifying all eligibility terms and conditions.
  2. In case of low participation by individuals, Empass management reserves the right to extend the contest deadline.
  3. For android users only.
Download Empass app and register Free for the Apti+Luck contest today.