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Empass Java Olympiad - 2017

The Empass Java Olympiad is an initiative of EMPASS to identify the best Java learners and training institutes in the region. The contest is run as a mobile-based, 2-player real time contest that requires both speed and accuracy.


  • Basics of JAVA
  • JAVA codes and scripts
  • Core and Advance JAVA

Contest Details

  • Contest goes live on January 5, 2017 and will end on January 22, 2017.
  • Each participant can play a maximum of 10 games per day.
  • A daily leaderboard will be available on Empass website ( as well as on the app for all participants.

What do the top participating Training Institutes & Students take home?


  • Prizes worth Rs. 10,000 for the top 3 winners ranking on Leaderboard at the end of the contest.
  • Consolation Prizes worth Rs. 5000 - for next 10 on the Leaderboard.
  • Certificate of participation for the Top 100 Students ranking on the Leaderboard (including winners)
  • Job Interview Opportunity with our partner Start-ups & mid-sized companies in Delhi-NCR for all Top 100 Students on the Leaderboard

  • With maximum number of registered students in this Contest - Trophy + Cash Award
  • With second highest registered students in this Contest - Certificate of appreciation + Cash Award

Who is eligible for Empass Java Mobile Olympiad?
  • Any registered student studying Java at a participating Training Institute

Is there any participation fee?

The contest is free-to-participate for students and training providers.

How to Enrol in Empass Java Olympiad?

  1. Training Institutes must confirm their participation in the Contest by sending an email to
  2. Students who participate in the contest will need to download Google Play store ( and register for the contest through the app (on or after January 5, 2017)
  3. Register with a valid number and email so as be contacted in case of winning an award or being a top ranker.
  4. Candidates must be verified as a student by the specific training provider in order to be eligible for reward(s)
  5. Empass management reserves the right to withdraw or modify the terms and the final decision will be deemed binding on all participating training providers and students.

Conditions for Prize Eligibility in Java Olympiad 2017:

  1. Only those training institutions that have more than 20 students registered in the Olympiad will be considered for the top prizes.
  2. For Individual prizes, the participant must have played a minimum of 50 games and must be associated with a participating training provider.
  3. Any individual participant not associated with a participating training provider will not eligible for the top prize.
  4. The final leaderboard rankings and winner's names will be published and shared after verifying all eligibility terms and conditions.
  5. In case of poor or low participation by individuals or training institutions, Empass management reserves the right to extend the contest deadline or completely withdraw the contests.
  6. Read Terms & conditions, Privacy Policy